Deep Thoughts

We’re The Only Winners

The painting “We’re the only winners” captures the essence of the movie Casino, set in the glamorous and bustling town of Las Vegas. In the center of the painting are the two main characters, representing the hustle and bustle of the gambling industry. Behind them, the iconic Las Vegas skyline is depicted, serving as a reminder of the city’s unbridled excess and extravagance.

The 1960s Mercedes Benz convertible in the foreground is a symbol of luxury and status, a classic vehicle that was once the epitome of wealth and success. The Andy Warhol-inspired Chanel soup can is a nod to the fashion industry and the excess that is associated with it. By replacing “Campbell’s” with “Chanel,” the artist is highlighting the opulence of the fashion industry, and the almost cult-like devotion to designer brands.

The inclusion of the Rolex and Patek watches speaks to the idea of time as a luxury commodity, a symbol of status and power. The Off-White logo and small tribute to the late Virgil Abloh pay homage to the world of high-end streetwear and the impact that Abloh had on the industry. The Kaws logo and Off-White Nike shoe are further nods to the world of streetwear, and the crossover between high-end fashion and street culture.

Overall, “We’re the only winners” is a commentary on the excess and extravagance that is associated with the gambling and fashion industries. Through a combination of iconic imagery and symbolism, the artist is able to capture the essence of these industries and the allure that they hold for so many. The painting invites the viewer to contemplate the nature of success and the high price that often comes with it.

48“ x 60“ x 1.5“ Canvas