Tim and Biggie

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About Reid Art

Timothy Reid Adams, the artist known as “REID,” goes by his middle name “Reid” as his professional name. A fun fact about his name is that if you take the first initial of his name, reading it in reverse order, it spells “ART”

As a self-taught artist, REID has always had a passion for creating. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and later relocating to Denver, he was constantly inspired by the urban landscape and street art that surrounded him. His love for glass art led him to become a collector and even learn the ancient art of glass blowing. Upon moving to Southern California, REID began to focus more heavily on his true passion – painting.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including classic cartoons, haute couture, and the works of iconic artists such as Rothko, Keith Haring, King Saladeen, Timmy Sneaks, Andy Warhol, and Banksy, REID’s art is a unique blend of mixed media, including antique newspapers, glitter and bold use of color with his puzzle pieces.

His portfolio is a combination of both commissioned pieces and self-inspired works, each one showcasing his distinct vision of characters, icons, and brands in a striking and unforgettable way. REID is continually pushing the boundaries of his art and is always striving to create something truly one-of-a-kind with his puzzle pieces.